Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hanukkah Dora

Often I will use well known characters in the stories I tell them.  Dora and Boots are very popular and usually in my stories, my children will go on an adventure with Dora and Boots.  Because it's almost Hanukkah, I made up a story for my 4 year old, "Hanukkah Dora".  Dora and Boots had to get home before sunset to light the menorah.  When they got home, everyone got one present and I went through all the characters.  Then she asked me about Map and Backpack.  So I said Map got some colored construction paper because he liked to make maps.  My 4 year old correctly pointed out to me that Map does not have hands.  So I told her Map puts the pencil in his mouth and draws maps that way.

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