Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Let's Tell Stories

I was at my 4 year olds pre-school today for their "Thanksgiving Feast".  (It was adorable.)  As I past the various classrooms, I heard each class hearing different stories about Pilgrims and Thanksgiving.  It reminded me how central stories are in our lives and how important they are in giving color to our world.  It's easy to forget how essential stories are in our culture.  We think of storytelling as an event we take our children to at the library or something we do with our children at bedtime; we forget the impact stories have on our lives because they are so seamlessly woven into our lives.  Think of all the things that happen at Thanksgiving: families re-unite across country, children fly home from colleges, relatives we haven't seen all year come to visit, the preparations for the meal, all the activities at our children's schools, the parades, the decorations, etc, etc, all these things happen because of this story.  It does not matter that it is based on history.  It is still a story.  Think how much more interesting our lives are because of these stories we tell.

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