Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Are you looking for tools to help your child to learn to read?

Storytelling is an excellent source because children will often seek out the stories they heard in text form.  Their familiarity with the stories then aids them in reading the stories for themselves and helps them feel confident in their ability to learn to read.  “Storytellers Favorite Fables” features four award winning storytellers from diverse backgrounds. In this clip, storyteller Leeny Del Seamons is telling her version of the old Russian folktale, “Turnip” as “Yuca”, her own bilingual version..  This is one of the eight stories told and performed on “Storytellers Favorite Fables” dvd.  Visit www.LetsTellStories.com now for the “Storytellers Favorite Fables” dvd and more information about learning to read.

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